It’s Complicated


It’s Complicated (2013), 15in x 22in, giclée prints

A series of paired posters exploring characterizations of our actions and their counterpoints. There are 18 in total so far.


all we are is all we were


all we are is all we were (2013), hand-shaped LED neon light

A new public art work located on the Sandwich Windmill at Mill Park in Windsor, Ontario, commissioned by the City of Windsor and Windsor Community Foundation 1812 Legacy Project.

This work was also made possible with the assistance of Danielle Sabelli and Hiba Abdallah. Special thanks to Cathy Masterson, Heidi Baillargeon, and Tucker Electric.


Broken City Lab


Broken City Lab is an artist-led interdisciplinary collective and non-profit organization working to explore and unfold curiosities around locality, infrastructures, education, and creative social practice leading towards civic change.

Our projects, events, workshops, installations, and interventions offer an injection of disruptive creativity into a situation, surface, place, or community. These projects aim to connect various disciplines through research and social practice, generating works and interventionist tactics that adjust, critique, annotate, and re-imagine the cities that we encounter.

Since 2008, we have worked as an ad-hoc collective.


You Can’t Have It Both Ways

Helvetica Bold stencil, black acrylic paint, cold-pressed paper, red masking tape

A series of 25 hand-painted posters created to provide a starting place for complicating the ideas and concerns informing an art practice based on locality, infrastructures, and social practice. Underlines in red masking tape allow for a shift in emphasis should the occasion arise.

The Neighborhood (The Neighbourhood)

Overhead Projector, Single Sheet of Acetate

A list of outlining the feasibility of fifty activities that could occur between Windsor and Detroit residents to re-imagine cross-border relationships.


Custom Software / Live Generative Video

Live generative video for “Aurora”, composed by Jordan Nobles and performed by the Windsor Symphony Orchestra for the Windsor Canadian Music Festival.

Running Time: 9:00 / Excerpt Above: 1:30 (click to watch)

You Are Worth It

You Are Worth It

Custom-printed biodegradable balloons, wildflower seeds, helium, hemp

500 biodegradable balloons with printed message filled with helium and wildflower seeds.

Gradual Stability


Running Time: 13:00 / Excerpt Above: 1:30 (click to watch)

Hidden, Now


Running Time: 5:19 / Excerpt Above: 1:30 (click to watch)



Running Time: 5:20 / Excerpt Above: 1:30 (click to watch)

Losing My First Tooth


Running Time: 6:00 / Excerpt Above: 1:30 (click to watch)

A Weekend With Friends


Monofilament Line, Push Pins

Project exploring social connections, space, and lines.


Custom Software / Projection

A visualization of the online discussion of economic and social realities surrounding the decline of the automotive manufacturing industry.

With Love, RSS

Custom Software / Projection

A real-time audio/visual response to the constant online activity of bloggers using the phrases “I am in love with you” and “I am not in love with you.”